Do you want a fun, stylish way to stay hydrated and healthy?

Are you looking for a way to easily get your daily dose of healing crystals while working on staying hydrated?

One of the hottest trends in health, wellness, and healing is crystal water bottles or also known as Gem Water Bottle or Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. The benefits of using crystals in a water bottle are known to make you stay healthy, happy, and revitalized.

The Best Crystal Water Bottle Are:

  1. OSANA Crystal Water Bottle
  2. PHOENIX Crystal Water Bottle
  3. HEY GIRL Crystal Water Bottle
  4. LARRARE Crystal Water Bottles
  5. SAOI Crystal Water Bottle

In this blog post, we'll dive into the many facets of this amazing healing tool including what are the benefits of using crystal water bottles, the types of crystals to use or avoid, how crystal water bottles work, and many more. We hope that after reading this post, you will have a better understanding of crystal water bottles and be amazed at what they can do for you.

How does Crystal Water Bottle Work?

A crystal-infused water bottle integrates healing crystals' energy into our bodies. The crystal-infused water is charged by the power of the crystal stone together with the intention of the user.

When the crystal is placed inside a bottle, it infuses the water with its healing vibrations. Infuse a bottle of water with the intention and power of a specific crystal to receive its unique benefits. Each type of crystal has unique energies and intrinsic properties that you can tap into, thus benefiting from the positive healing powers of the crystal.

Drinking crystal-infused water also known as Crystal Elixir is a powerful way to heal and support your body in the intention you set. Feel the difference!

What are the benefits of Crystal Water Bottles?

Crystal-infused water bottles help to refresh and restore your well-being through the combination of hydration and healing energy of the crystals. They provide energy and promote and calm your mind and feeling, reduce stress and anxiety, bring balance to emotions, and promotes creativity. Some of the commonly claimed benefits include the followings:

Enhanced Energy and Taste of Water

It is believed that the crystals and energy from it can enhance the taste and energy of the water stored in the crystal water bottle.

Improved Physical and Emotional Well-Being

The different crystals are believed to have different healing properties and power. Together with the intentions set, it can help you with physical and emotional issues, such as stress, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia, and have a purifying effect on your body and mind.

It is believed to promote and enhance digestion, metabolism, heart and circulatory systems, and others.

Increased Clarity and Balance

Some crystals such as Quartz are believed to promote clarity of thought and balance, helping to improve focus and reduce stress.

Enhanced Relationships

Crystals such as Rose Quartz are believed to improve relationships and promote feelings of love, warmth, compassion, and self-care.

Which Crystal Water Bottle is suitable for you?

Crystal bottles differ from each other by the stones and crystals they contain, as each type of crystal has a unique set of properties and different health benefits associated with it. Choosing which crystals you should use for a crystal bottle can be a daunting decision and selecting the right one for you can be challenging.

Understanding some of their properties and associated benefits, you can select the crystal that resonates best with your needs so you can make the most of its healing properties. Ultimately it all comes down to what your individual needs are to determine which crystal bottle is best suited for you.

Here are some of the commonly used crystals in Crystal Water Bottles that have specific health benefits:


Citrine is believed to promote digestion and improve metabolism, making it a good crystal for weight management.


Amethyst is believed to have calming and soothing properties, helping with stress and anxiety. It also promotes and improves sleep and supports the immune system. It is best known for its protective power, spiritual healing powers as well as detoxing benefits and is perfect if you prioritize holistic well-being.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is believed to have a purifying effect on the body and mind, helping to improve overall health and well-being. One of its best properties is the power of amplification. When added to any other crystals, it amplifies the healing power together with its intention.

If you want to improve your focus and mental clarity, a clear quartz bottle can absorb and amplify the energy present in the environment.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is often used for love and relationship purposes. Used in crystal water bottles it is believed to infuse the water with a gentle soothing energy, promoting feelings of love and compassion. It helps to improve relationships and positive feelings. Most useful for those seeking to improve their connections with others.

It also can raise your self-esteem and self-worth, bringing comfort as it helps to release all of your pain, sorrow, and fear, and to attract and receive love.


Tourmaline is believed to help with issues related to the digestive and respiratory systems. It also helps to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

How do we use Crystal Infused Water Bottles?

Using a crystal-infused water bottle is similar to drinking water from any other water bottle. You fill it up with water and drink from the bottle. If this is your first time drinking from a crystal water bottle or if you have just replaced or changed the crystals, it is important to make sure that the crystals are cleaned thoroughly before adding water to them.

This will help to remove any unwanted impurities that can potentially contaminate your water. Allow the water to sit for at least 30 minutes so that the crystals can infuse the water with their energies.

Be sure to drink it slowly and mindfully, enjoying the flavor and benefits of the crystals. Drink it regularly throughout the day to maximize the health benefits of your crystal-infused water.

Is Crystal Infused water safe to drink?

Drinking crystal-infused water is safe for most crystals. Some of the more commonly used crystals used in a crystal water bottle are Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine & Tourmaline are safe.

Certain crystals dissolve in water such as Selenite and Lapis Lazuli. These cannot be used in Crystal Water bottles. Other crystals can release hazardous particles in water.

It is always prudent to research a crystal stone's properties and take any precautions before using it in water. If in doubt, use only the commonly used crystals or buy only from trusted brands that use only natural crystals.

Some crystal water bottles have a bottom chamber where the crystals are stored. These crystals are separated from the water, so they keep their vibrational frequency while still being able to add their properties to your drinking water.

The bottle also allowed you to change the crystals to suit the specific crystals of your choice or needs.

How to take care of your Crystal Bottle Water?

Your crystal water bottle does not require special cleaning but it is good to keep them in good condition to maintain their energy properties by following these tips:

Before cleaning the bottle, remove the crystal gently from the bottle.

Clean the bottle by hand with warm water and mild soap. Even though the bottles are generally dishwasher safe, it is prudent to clean it by hand to avoid breakages.

Be gentle as crystals are delicate materials to avoid chipping or cracking them.

The crystals should only be washed by hand under running fresh water to wash away their energy (bad or good) collected when they come in contact with them.

Recharge the crystals by placing them in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours, or by smudging them with sage. Crystals have properties that can be affected by their environment and use and can retain both bad and good energy. It is always a good habit to cleanse and charge them from time to time.

Meditate and think about the power and intentions as you place the crystals back into the bottle. Fill the crystals with your passionate intentions. The crystal is ready to infuse your water with its power.

Empowered To Choose

Given that you have read up to this paragraph, you have gained a sufficient understanding of the potential benefits and drawbacks of using Crystal Water Bottles, as well as learning about the different kinds of crystals and their purported healing properties.

You are now empowered with sufficient knowledge to confidently select and choose the right Crystal Water Bottle that aligns with your personal goals and values and reap the benefits that crystal healing may offer.

With the many different types of Crystal Water Bottles available in the market, we have reviewed and selected five of the better Crystal Water Bottles available on the market for your use. With your newly acquired knowledge, we know that you will be able to make sense of these selected five Best Crystal Water Bottles and can now make an informed decision on which bottle is right for you.

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How do we choose the Best Crystal Water Bottle?

When choosing a Crystal Water Bottle, it is important to consider the quality & authenticity of the crystals, as well as the overall design and functionality of the bottle itself.

We look at the key factors and their performance score. We also read thousands of reviews on these Crystal Water Bottles and their uses on Amazon, paying attention to the buyer's feedback & reviews. Finally, we compared, consolidate, and arrived at the five Best Crystal Water Bottles.

Some of these key factors are:

Crystal Type: Different crystals have different properties. Genuine crystals.

Bottle Material: Preferably glass, stainless steel, or BPA Free plastics.

Size & Capacity: Comfortable size, suits hydration needs, and everyday use and handling.

Design & Quality: Aesthetically pleasing, well-built, and functional, with crystal chambers.

Care & Maintenance: Easy to clean and has a protective sleeve.

Price: Affordable and best value for money.

Here Are The Best Crystal Water Bottles

OSANA Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle with 3 Changeable Healing Crystals

OSANA Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle with 3 Changeable Healing Crystals

Check Price on Amazon

The OSANA crystal glass water bottle is a unique and powerful tool for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It charges your water with the healing powers of big crystals including Rose Quartz, Green Fluorite, and Amethyst.

With its indirect crystal infusion aspect, this Crystal Water Bottle can help provide you with deep relief whenever needed. Not only does it act as an amplifier for positive energy but it also has practical benefits such as being reusable and convenient to carry around. with its protective bottle sleeve.

This crystal gem elixir water bottle's slim design fits into any bag or cup holder. It's like having your miracle tool.

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Bottle Capacity: 16.9 fl. oz. (500ml)
  • Physical Size: 2,56" diameter x 11" Height.
  • Double-layer lead-free borosilicate glass water can withstand freezing temperatures and boiling points.
  • Wide-mouth bottles make filling the bottle with herbs or fruits easy.
  • Interchangeable Crystals Chamber with stain-resistant coating allows you to change your crystals anytime to better support your intentions and also avoid any contaminations.
  • With this indirect crystal infusion, you can replace your crystals with any crystals of your choice or in any combination.
  • Crystals included are natural Rose Quartz, Green Fluorite, and Amethyst, each of 150g. Reduce stress, improve blood circulation, sleep support, strengthen the immune system, and more.
  • The tea strainer and infuser are made of 304 stainless steel, clean and long-lasting.
  • Protective sleeve made of Neoprene with carrying loop for better carrying around.
  • Gift Wrap: Its packaging design makes a special present for any occasion.

If you are looking for an accessible way to incorporate healing elements into your hectic routine, get yourself an OSANA crystal glass water bottle today and experience the force of natural healing at its best!

PHOENIX Crystal Water bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Women

Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Women

Check Price on Amazon

The Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle is the perfect gift for eco-conscious and Zen-seeking women, a unique blend of modern style and classic beauty. This crystal water bottle offers a double wall glass design to embrace both hot and cold drinks, keeping them at the ideal temperature for hours and without burning your hands or dropping the bottle as water will not condense on the bottle.

It comes with two healing stones - rose quartz crystal, known universally as a symbol of beauty and love, and amethyst stone with its soothing qualities promised to provide deep tranquility.

This crystal water bottle also includes a Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Crafted from stainless steel and lead-free glass, this eco-friendly water bottle is a luxurious yet practical present that's sure to be cherished. Gift someone special with this relaxation sanctuary-in-a-bottle today!

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Bottle Capacity: 12.1 fl. oz (340 ml).
  • Physical Size: 2,75" diameter x 10.6" Height.
  • Double-walled borosilicate glass water bottle is thermal shock resistant. Together with the double walls, it is comfortable to hold in your hands without burning your hands.
  • Crystals included are Rose Quartz and Amethyst or you can use your favorite gems. You can customize your elixir and maximize its potential for you.
  • Crystal Chamber is completely separated from the water thus avoiding any contamination or pollution from the crystals. This bottle uses the indirect method to charge the water, making it possible to use crystals that are not compatible with water such as Selenite.
  • The tea strainer and infuser are made of 18/8 stainless steel, clean and long-lasting.
  • Leak-Proof vacuum insulated lids ensure no leakage.
  • Protective felt sleeve for better carrying around.
  • Make a perfect gift.

Take the Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle with you whether you may be going. Add a couple of slices of cucumber or lemon to your water. With the strainer in place, drink direct from the bottle without the pieces of fruit falling all over your face.

Your personalized elixir will help you unleash all of its powerful crystals-powered goodness on all aspects of your life.

HEY GIRL Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Chic Girls

Hey Girl Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Chic Girls

Check Price on Amazon

You can trust that you always look fashionable while hydrating healthily with this chic design Hey Girl Crystal Water Bottle. Whether you want to benefit from crystal-infused water or simply to enjoy loose-leaf herbal or fruit teas on the move, these crystal water bottles provide you with a practical yet stylish solution.

Combining Rose Quartz & Amethyst Crystals with specially designed glass bottles and an interior infuser tea mug, they're ideal for you looking to make your drink as visually stunning and energetically charged as possible.

Hey Girl Crystal Water Bottle is the perfect addition for you if you are looking for a chic crystal water bottle to promote and enhance well-being and enjoy the power of crystal energy in your life.

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Physical Size: 2,83" diameter x 10.35" Height.
  • Double-walled Insulated Glass water bottle holds hot water for 12 hours and cold water for 24 hours.
  • Crystals included are Rose Quartz and Amethyst or you can use your favorite gems. You can change the crystals depending on your personal needs or intentions.
  • Crystal Chamber is separated from the water and various crystal can be added to suit your needs.
  • Tea diffuser included.
  • High Quality & durable construction.
  • Perfect Gift that comes in a giftable cylinder box, no need to wrap.

Hey Girl Crystal Water Bottle is chic and contemporary. Good vibes on the go.

LARRARE Crystal Water Bottles

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Big Drinkers

Larrare Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Big Drinkers

Check Price on Amazon

A new crystal water bottle with a larger capacity of 19 fl. oz for the ultimate convenience. For the health-conscious people who want to stay hydrated and healthy, Infuse the power of healing crystals into your water consumption with this lead-free non-toxic bottle.

Comes with genuine multi-sized crystals including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz, these crystals by themselves are powerful, and combined with your intentions, they will bring good vibes, restore energy level, and heals your body.

A beautiful and stylish crystal water bottle with a comfortable Neoprene sleeve with a carry loop for easy carrying. To top it off, the sleeve is printed with a sacred design and words for that extra protection.

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Bottle Capacity: 19 fl. oz (565 ml).
  • Physical Size: 2,76" x 11" Height.
  • High-grade borosilicate glass water bottle is thermal shock resistant, lead-free, and non-toxic.
  • Safe and Leak-Proof: Constructed of safe material including a bamboo lid with an 18/8 stainless steel insert liner and silicone gasket for guaranteed leak-proof, portable and easy to carry with a loop strap.
  • Crystals included are hand-selected multi-sized genuine Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst, for higher energy and positivity.
  • Crystal Chamber is separated from the water and the crystal of your choice can be added to suit your needs, besides those provided.
  • The Protective Sleeve made of thick neoprene fabric provides thermal insulation for hot and cold drinks, and better grips, and is printed with a sacred pattern for protection and decoration.
  • Perfect gifts: Larrare Crystal Water Bottle is beautifully packaged for women, girls, your loved ones, family, and friends.

Larrare crystal water bottle is a premium high-capacity crystal elixir-infused water bottle with changeable crystals. This hydration and healing combo is a joy to have, providing all-day supplies of positive healing powers of crystals.

Pick yours up today to enhance your daily drinking experience!

SAOI Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Gifting

SAOI Crystal Water Bottle

Best Crystal Water Bottle for Gifting

Check Price on Amazon

This beautiful and simple water bottle is the perfect lifestyle companion to bring joy, keep you hydrated and help manifest positive energy. The feeling of being close to this natural crystal will bless any moment spent together; making it a unique gift for beloved ones or simply as an uplifting thank-you present.

Quench your thirst and bring high-vibration energy into your life with this rose quartz-infused water bottle! The Rose Quartz purifies the heart on multiple levels--allowing for self-love, strong relationships, and inner peace, and strengthens and balances the heart.

Handcrafted to beautifully hold 16.9 fluid oz of liquid, this rose quartz water bottle is great for natural healing and makes a perfect gift for your friends,

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Bottle Capacity: 16 fl. oz
  • Physical Size: 2,59" x 9.44" Height.
  • Borosilicate glass water bottle with stainless steel cap/base is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Crystal included is a single piece of Rose Quartz for positively charged energy anytime. The crystal is immersed in the water and held in position to the base of the bottle.
  • The Protective Sleeve is made of neoprene with a carrying loop for easy handling.
  • Perfect gifts: SAOI Crystal Water Bottle comes in an ombre gift box, ready for gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Water Bottle

Welcome to our FAQ section on the Best Crystal Water Bottles. Complementing the extensive discussion of crystals and crystal water bottles in the earlier part of this blog & review, we will answer some of the common questions and provide additional guidance on helping you choose the right crystal water bottle for you.

What is the best crystal to have in a water bottle?

Some popular crystals for drinking water include clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline. It is important to choose crystals that resonate with your intentions and goals. With the right crystal elixirs, you can begin to feel its healing and protective energies.

If you have to choose 1 or 2 crystals, Clear Quartz would be the better stone as it have a purifying effect on your body and mind, helping to improve overall health and well-being.

The second choice would be Amethyst, which is a powerful crystal that provides protection, encourages restful sleep, and assists with detoxification to help you stay healthy. It's also believed to boost your immune system!

Are crystal water bottles good?

Crystal water bottles can be good for those who are interested in the healing properties of crystals and want to incorporate them into their daily routine. However, the effectiveness of drinking crystal-infused water is not scientifically proven, and any benefits experienced are largely based on personal beliefs and experiences.

Crystal water bottles can serve as a gentle reminder to drink more water and provide a sense of comfort and support for those who resonate with the energetic and healing properties of crystals.

Ultimately, the decision of whether a crystal water bottle is "good" for you depends on your personal preferences and beliefs.

What is the point of a crystal water bottle?

The point of a crystal water bottle is to infuse the water with the energetic and healing properties of the crystal or crystals placed inside. It is believed that the energy of the crystal can transfer to the water, creating a unique blend of crystal energy and hydration.

Each type of crystal has its unique healing properties, when placed into the water bottle, this water takes on the properties and potentially offers benefits to the person drinking it.

Does crystal water expire?

The water in a crystal water bottle does not have an expiration date, as long as it is kept clean and free from contamination. However, it is important to note that the crystals themselves may need to be cleaned or replaced periodically.

Over time, the crystals in a crystal water bottle can absorb negative energy from their environment or become energetically "full," which can diminish their effectiveness. It is recommended to periodically cleanse them such as by placing them in sunlight or moonlight for several hours.

Can you put ice in a crystal water bottle?

Yes. Most crystal water bottles are made of glass which Borosilicate glass which is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Putting ice into those rare few plastic water bottles should not cause any problems.

Summary - Best Crystal Water Bottle

Using a crystal water bottle is an ideal way to keep your hydration up together with the wide range of holistic health benefits associated with drinking crystal-infused water.

We have reviewed and highlighted the five best crystal water bottles which we strongly believed are the top products available in the market today. If you are ready to make the switch to a Crystal Water Bottle, we encourage you to create the perfect pick for yourself. If you’re looking for advice, an amethyst or clear quartz crystal is always a great place to start - allowing you to reap all the rewards of these powerful materials!

To get started on purchasing yours today, simply tap the green button and check out pricing from Amazon and buy it conveniently online. We have done all the homework and research picking these 5 best crystal water bottles.

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Enjoy better hydration, mental clarity, and optimal health in no time at all!

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