If you are planning for a longer camping trip out in the wilderness, you may be wondering how to maintain personal hygiene. While staying clean and fresh can be a challenge when camping, whichever the camping type may be, taking a camping shower is not impossible, especially a summer shower.

How Do You Shower When Camping?

Let's dive straight in. There are numerous approaches, and if you find yourself overwhelmed with creativity, you can discover a plethora of methods and styles that will suit you perfectly for your camping shower.

I will now share with you five methods that I have personally tried before (plus one which I have not used myself). Keep in mind that you are outdoors, so let go of the idea of a luxurious rain shower or that hot shower that you might have at home. But don't forget to bring your camping soap or biodegradable soap for camping.

  1. Gravity-Fed Shower
  2. Bucket Shower
  3. Portable Camping Shower/Bath
  4. Wet Wipes or Towel Bath
  5. Natural Water Source
  6. Camping Shower Tent (I have not tried this yet, but it is on my list to do so on my next camping trip - need to buy one of that tent).

Gravity-Fed Shower

This is a clean and affordable method with solar-powered warm water thrown in.

  • Create a simple gravity shower system using a water container elevated above head height. Or simply purchase a portable shower bag available on Amazon, typically with a capacity of 5 gallons.
  • It usually comes with a hose or shower nozzle attached to the container's bottom, allowing water to flow down when the valve is opened.
  • Adjust the flow by controlling the valve, providing a controlled and gravity-powered shower.
  • To enjoy warm water, simply fill the bag with water and leave it hanging where there is sunlight to warm it up. Or a cold shower can be invigorating too.
  • A great example of such a shower is the Sea To Summit pocket shower.

Bucket Shower

This method of camp showers is so simple and probably primitive, it reminds me of my childhood days living in the village (yes .. village!).

  • Fill a large bucket with water before heading to your campsite.
  • Hang the bucket from a tree branch or another elevated surface, or just leave it on the ground.
  • Use a smaller container or cup to scoop water from the bucket and pour it over yourself for a makeshift shower.

Portable Camping Shower / Bath

This is a luxurious method, with pumped or pressurized solar-warmed water. You don't have to find a tree to hang it.

  • Portable camping showers, which typically consist of a water reservoir, hose, and nozzle. This is available on most retail outlets or online such as Amazon.
  • Fill the reservoir with water, place it in the sun to warm up (for solar shower), and then use the attached nozzle for a controlled shower experience.
  • Choose from various types of portable showers, including solar showers, foot pump showers, air pump camp shower, or pressurized systems.

Wet Wipes or Towel Bath

This is also known as Dry wash. Simple but effective too. This is typically a stop-gap solution until you can reach water sources.

  • In situations where water is scarce or not easily accessible, opt for a wet wipe or towel bath.
  • Use biodegradable wet wipes or a damp cloth to clean yourself. Be mindful of how you dispose of the wet wipes.
  • Always wipe your head downward. If you can spare some water, simply pour a little water on the damp towel and squeeze it clean to reuse the towel.
  • Pack biodegradable soap for a more thorough cleaning while minimizing environmental impact.
  • This Dry Wash is also useful wherever outdoor showering is prohibited.

Natural Water Source

My best method because it is the simplest, cleanest, and most cooling method. And you have the opportunity to swim and dive. In addition, it saves you tons of effort for bringing water to your campsite such as for the other methods.

  • Utilize nearby natural water sources like rivers or lakes for a refreshing camping shower.
  • Be mindful of the environment and use biodegradable soap to minimize your impact on aquatic ecosystems. Remember most States do not allow showers in the lake with soap, shampoo or another chemical. Some may even prohibit biodegradable soap.
  • Ensure you are adhering to Leave-No-Trace principles and local regulations.
  • Don't forget to pack a Water Filter Straw in case the water source is questionable. It ensures clean, pure drinking water, besides clean water for showers wherever you go.

Camping Shower Tent

Undoubtedly, this is the most convenient and humble method. You can freely shower and cleanse yourself without the hindrance of wearing clothes.

  • A shower tent provides a designated and private space for showering, ensuring that campers can maintain their privacy in outdoor settings.
  • You can either buy a shower tent (preferred) such as those available online or simply hang a big canvas from a tree branch, spreading it and securing the ends to the ground.
  • Use either the Gravity-Fed shower or the bucket system inside the tent.
  • Don't forget to bring a camping tent lantern with you, or else you'll find yourself fumbling around in the darkness (there is no window for sunlight),

All the above methods except the Wet Wipes and Natural Water Source require you to bring water to your campsite. A great way to store and bring water to the campsite is to use rigid water containers of 5 gallons capacity or collapsible water containers. Remember to fill up those portable shower bags too, rather than leaving them empty.

Why Showering When Camping Is Important

Taking a shower while camping has several benefits (self-explanatory, but I thought I share it too).

  • Removing dirt and sweat: After spending the day hiking or engaging in other outdoor activities, your body is likely to accumulate sweat and dust. Taking a shower helps to maintain good personal hygiene, preventing any potential health issues..
  • Cooling down: If you are camping during hot summer days, taking a shower can help you cool down and regulate your body temperature.
  • Relaxation: Camping is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, and taking a shower can provide a sense of normalcy and comfort amid nature.
  • Better sleep: A warm shower before bed can help relax your muscles and improve sleep quality, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Tips for Showering While Camping

Some may seem to be straightforward, but you will be amazed at how many campers forget to bring along.

  • Bring biodegradable soap and avoid using regular body soap or shampoo to minimize your environmental impact. Most parks and camping grounds do not allow showering on site. You need to be very careful and watchful when showering outdoors. Let's do our part to save our planet.
  • Pack a microfiber towel as it dries quickly and is lightweight, making it perfect for camping.
  • Use a shower bag with a temperature gauge to ensure you don't accidentally burn yourself with hot water. Otherwise remember to feel the water temperature with your finger, especially if you are preparing the shower for your kids.
  • Always be mindful of water usage and try to conserve this precious resource and not leave water puddles behind. Also to save you having to drive back to your water source to bring back more.
  • Bring flip-flops or water shoes for showering, as you never know what may be lurking on the ground. Think scorpions, snakes ...
  • Plan your outdoor shower times around hours that offer more privacy, such as early mornings or late evenings.
  • Consider using dry shampoo or baby wipes in between showers to freshen up.
  • Use a portable clothesline or tree branches to hang your wet towels and swimwear to dry.

I hope that by sharing my experiences here, I can provide you with some insights on how to effectively shower while camping. All you need to do is prepare for one of the methods, with the easiest being the Bucket Shower method. Regardless of the method you choose, simply relish the actual shower and let go of any distractions around you. Rest assured, nobody is paying attention to you.

Camping is all about immersing yourself in nature, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice personal hygiene. With these various showering methods and tips, you can stay clean and refreshed while enjoying the great outdoors. If you are looking to buy just search for best camping showers online.

Enjoy your camping adventures and stay clean and fresh!

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