What is it about living outdoors that is so important to us? Is it the fresh air? The wide open spaces? The opportunity to connect with nature? Whatever it is, there's no denying that spending time in the great outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for our physical and mental health.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I have personally experienced the many benefits of embracing an outdoor lifestyle. Whether hiking through lush forests, basking in the tranquility of a mountain top, or simply relishing the fresh air during a morning jog, my days spent outdoors have not only invigorated my body but also nurtured my mental well-being.

The only negative part of being outdoors is that I am much more tanned, much as I tried to stay "fair-skinned". There are of course many ways to block off the sun rays, but then I loved the sun rays, especially since Covid as I am told that sun ray is a good source of Vit-D3. My friends told me that I looked exotic, talking about endangered species. At least, there is now a contrast between my teeth and skin.

One of the most important reasons for living outdoors is that it allows us to connect with nature. When we spend time outdoors, we can appreciate all that nature has to offer. We can admire the beauty of the scenery and feel the peace that comes from being in nature.

Here are some reasons why living an outdoor-focused life can be beneficial:

Benefits of Physical Activity

Outdoor activities are an excellent way to get in some physical exercise. From biking and camping to hiking and running, there is something for everyone – with varying degrees of difficulty depending on your fitness level.

Moreover, physical activity has been linked to improved overall health. It boosts energy levels and reduces the risk of shouldering chronic illness over time. They can help improve your physical health by providing fresh air which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

I cannot stress enough that physical activity is truly the cornerstone of great health, that energy inside you that gives you that spring in your every step, and the feeling of good vibes. Every time I am outdoors, I always make sure that I am involved in some form of exercise, no matter how simple the exercises may be.

Reduce Stress Levels

Daily life can be hectic and often causes us to feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Time spent outside allows us to take a break from our responsibilities and connect with nature. Outdoor living spaces provide a connection to nature that can be therapeutic and calming and is a great way to relax.

Nature can help to reduce stress levels and improve mental health and well-being. Even just a few minutes of walking or sitting quietly in nature can help reduce stress levels, allowing us to relax and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. Take a slow walk outside and let nature slowly seep into you, filling you with calmness, peace, and tranquility. Feel the energy boost inside you.

I have found a favorite place in the park near my home, a lone tree with wide spreading branches and leaves, a perfect place to rest and recharge. Resting here, I have learned that by looking far, at the distant trees and flowers, I began to feel a calmness inside me, and my mind seemed to relax and slowly, I feel so renewed. Sometimes I would fall asleep. No stress!

Release Your Creativity

Breathing fresh air and being surrounded by natural beauty can often open our minds in ways that we didn’t expect. Nature helps release creativity as it encourages us to think openly about ideas in new ways. Experiencing different environments also inspires writing projects, musical compositions, and artwork alike.

Studies have found that nature exposure can lead to increased divergent thinking, which is a type of thinking that allows for the generation of multiple ideas and solutions. Additionally, being in natural environments can also lead to decreased levels of stress and improved mood, which can also contribute to increased creativity.

For all the artists and creative folks out there .. time to go outdoors and let's get creative!

Make New Connections

Spending time around people who enjoy the same hobbies as you is one of the greatest aspects of getting outdoors! Engaging in outdoor activities often results in making new connections with other people who share similar interests or passions – which only strengthens ties between individuals while creating lasting memories along the way!

In addition, it is a great way to entertain guests or relax with family members and loved ones.

Living outdoors isn’t always easy – but it certainly comes with its rewards! Next time you want to break away from your daily grind – consider spending a bit more time outside - You won’t regret it!

Heed These Safety Tips When Enjoying Outdoor Activities

Enjoying an outdoor-focused lifestyle is a great way to improve your general well-being, but it’s important to follow some basic safety tips when enjoying activities outdoors. Here are a few suggestions:

Watch the Weather

When you are planning for outdoor activities, you should always take into account the weather conditions. Make sure you're dressed appropriately for the situation and that you're prepared for any changes that may occur throughout the day. Pay attention to official weather forecasts and if necessary, cancel or put off activities if severe weather is expected.

Remember the phrase .. As changeable as the weather .. Indeed!

Respect Wildlife

When spending time outdoors, keep in mind that you're in another living creature's home – whether it's on land or in water - so respect wildlife by keeping your distance and avoid touching plants or animals.

At the same time, be aware of your surroundings and any potential wildlife dangers.

Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead before embarking on an outdoor adventure! Have a good sense of where you're going and have an idea of how long it will take – so as to avoid getting lost as much as possible.

Bring along enough supplies like food, water, and medicine - just in case something unexpected happens while out on your excursion. Lastly, bring along a first aid kit in case of minor injuries or illnesses.


In summary, Outdoor living is all about enjoying the natural beauty of the world around us. Whether you are out hiking or trekking, fly fishing in the stream behind your home, biking in that monster mountain bike, or admiring the beautiful and serene nature around you, with that fresh pine smell in the air, the benefits of living outdoors are just too good to be ignored.

One of the popular ways to immerse in outdoor living is to create an outdoor living area that can simply be a patio or even a deck with a simple seating area. You can set up a camping tent in the wood behind your home, or an SUV tent on some beautiful sunset camping site. There are so many choices for us to pursue living outdoors!

Someday, I am going to learn to meditate while sitting outdoors, under my favorite tree in the park. My only problem is that I am easily distracted by noises and movement. Until I can overcome these distractions, I guess I will stay with looking far into the yonder and falling asleep.

Go on, head outside for some fresh air, and take in all that Mother Nature has to offer!

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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