Cycling is an exhilarating and eco-friendly mode of transportation, offering you an opportunity to explore your surroundings while staying fit and living the outdoors life. As avid cyclists, we understand the significance of safety on the road.

Since I started cycling, I've learned the importance of visibility for road safety. It's particularly crucial for me due to muscle restrictions that make it difficult to check for vehicles behind me, especially when changing lanes. I've had a few close calls with oncoming vehicles from the rear.

Since then, I've used various bicycle types and mirrors, testing and gaining knowledge on their critical pairing. This includes finding mirrors that suit different bicycles and my cycling style.

I have carefully selected and evaluated the top 6 Bicycle Mirrors that excel in their intended purpose. To skip the intro and go directly access our top picks, click here, or click on the specific link below to explore each mirror type for more detailed information.

  1. HAFNY New Handlebar Bike Mirror
  2. MAGICYCLE Bike Handlebar Rear View Mirror
  3. ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror
  4. ACCMOR Bike Helmet Mirror
  5. ACCMOR Bike Eyeglass Mirror
  6. FEISIKE Bicycle Handlebar Rear View Camera

Enhancing Safety: Unveiling The Best Bicycle Mirrors

In today's world of cycling, safety, and visibility is paramount for a rider. Whether you are off on a cross-country journey or just taking the bike out for a spin in your quiet neighborhood, seeing what’s behind you is key to keeping yourself secure on two wheels.

As a cyclist, you need 360-degree visibility at all times to be aware of your surroundings. Bike mirrors provide much-needed awareness without having to continually turn around or look over your shoulder. A bicycle mirror can be an invaluable tool in ensuring visibility and provides riders with confidence to tackle any terrain ahead.

Do you want to make your bike rides safer and more enjoyable? Installing a bicycle mirror is one of the best ways to do just that. But not all mirrors are created equal; it takes some research to find the right one for you and your ride! In this blog post, we’ll explore our top 6 picks as well as offer insight into choosing the best bicycle mirror that will keep both your vision - and motivation - focused forward.

The Significance of Bicycle Mirrors

A bicycle mirror is a small yet invaluable accessory that provides cyclists with a rearward view, enhancing their situational awareness on the road. By offering a clear line of sight to the traffic approaching from behind, a bike mirror acts as an extra set of eyes, enabling riders to make informed decisions and react promptly to potential hazards.

Advantages of Using Bicycle Mirrors:

Increased Safety

The primary advantage of a bicycle mirror is the enhanced safety it provides. By offering a clear view of approaching vehicles, pedestrians, or other cyclists, a bike mirror helps riders anticipate potential dangers and take preventive measures accordingly.

Improved Awareness

A bike mirror significantly expands the rider's field of vision, eliminating blind spots and providing a comprehensive view of the surrounding environment. This heightened awareness allows cyclists to navigate through traffic, change lanes, and make turns with confidence.

Reduced Neck Strain

Constantly turning one's head to check for rearward traffic can cause strain on the neck and result in decreased comfort during rides. A bike mirror eliminates the need for excessive head movement, allowing riders to maintain a comfortable riding posture while staying vigilant.

Risks of Not Using Bicycle Mirrors

Limited Visibility

Without a mirror, cyclists are reliant solely on their peripheral vision, which may not capture all potential hazards. This limited visibility can increase the likelihood of accidents, especially when attempting to change lanes or make sudden maneuvers.

Distracted Riding

Without a bike mirror, riders may be tempted to turn their heads frequently to check for approaching traffic. This diversion of attention can lead to a loss of control, reduced reaction time, and compromised safety on the road.

I can relate to this distraction by turning my head to check for traffic behind as I tend to swerve to the opposite side. So much so that I tend not to look behind. Maybe you can relate to that too. But definitely not good!

Different Types of Bicycle Mirror

Handlebar-Mounted Mirrors


  • Easy installation and adjustability.
  • Wider field of view.
  • Suitable for most types of bicycles.
  • Suitable for drop handlebars or flat bars.


  • Vulnerable to vibrations, potentially affecting clarity.
  • Can obstruct hand movement or interfere with other handlebar accessories.

Helmet-Mounted Mirrors


  • Helmet mirror provides a direct line of sight behind the cyclist.
  • Less susceptible to vibrations.
  • Allows for individual adjustment based on rider preference.
  • Helmet mirrors are extremely lightweight.


  • Requires mounting on the helmet, which may not be desired by all cyclists, especially for cyclists who are on sightseeing trips, mounting and dismounting their bikes, and removing their helmet often tend to be a chore due to the mirror, which must be handled properly to prevent breaking it.
  • Restricted to the rider's head movement, limiting the field of view.

Glasses-Mounted Mirrors (aka Sunglasses Mirrors)


  • Offers a clear rearward view without the need for additional mounts or adjustments.
  • Provides a wide field of view, as it moves with the rider's head.
  • Lightweight and portable, compatible with various types of eyewear.


  • May require some adjustment to find the optimal viewing angle.
  • Can be affected by reflections or glare in certain lighting conditions.
  • Limited to personal eye-wear preferences and may not be suitable for cyclists who don't wear glasses (pro tip .. wear sunglasses!)

Bar-End Mirrors


  • Bar end bike mirror are positioned at the end of the handlebars, providing an unobstructed rearward view.
  • Offers a stable and vibration-free viewing experience.
  • Ideal for road or touring cyclists who prefer a sleek and aerodynamic setup.


  • Bar end mirror requires compatible handlebars with open ends or adapters.
  • Not suitable for drop bars type.
  • Adjustability may be limited compared to other mirror types.
  • May require occasional readjustment to maintain optimal positioning.

How do we choose the Best Bicycle Mirror?

The bicycle mirror must allow cyclists to have a clear view of the road behind them without having to turn their heads. Here are some factors we considered in our selection of the Best Bicycle Mirror curated in this review.

Mirror type

As this is pretty much a personal preference and also depends on your riding style, we have reviewed and chosen the best of each type together with the rest of the criteria we used.

Field of View

A larger field of view allows you to see more of the road behind. It must provide an adequate field of view to you.


A good bicycle mirror should be adjustable to allow for proper positioning. The ability to adjust the mirror's angle and position ensures that you can optimize your view of the road behind you based on your riding position and personal preferences.


The mirror should be stable and resistant to vibrations. A mirror that vibrates excessively can distort the image and make it difficult to accurately assess the traffic behind you. This criterion means it must have a sturdy mounting system.


Bicycle mirrors are exposed to various weather conditions and potential impacts. A mirror that is made from durable materials and can withstand the elements with shatter-resistant glass or impact-resistant plastic is preferable.

Ease of Installation

The mirror should be easy to install and remove. Some mirrors require tools for installation, while others have quick-release mechanisms for easy attachment and removal.


The mirror you choose must be compatible with your bike's handlebars or helmet. We highlight the compatibility in this review in terms of the handlebar size or mounting method.

We look at the seven key factors and their performance score. We also read thousands of reviews on these bicycle mirrors and their uses on Amazon, paying attention to the buyer's feedback & reviews. Finally, we compared, consolidate, and arrived at the five Best Bicycle Mirrors, across a wide range of prices in each of the specific types that fall into what we called Good Bike Mirror.

Disclosure: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission from our partners at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Here are 6 of the Best Bicycle Mirror that we have selected for you.

We have also included one additional type (#6), given the performance and the ready availability, and the use of technology.

  1. HAFNY New Handlebar Bike Mirror
  2. MAGICYCLE Bike Handlebar Rear View Mirror
  3. ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror
  4. ACCMOR Bike Helmet Mirror
  5. ACCMOR Bike Eyeglass Mirror
  6. FEISIKE Bicycle Handlebar Rear View Camera

HAFNY New Handlebar Bike Mirror

HAFNY New Handlebar Bike Mirror

For Handlebar Mounting

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The HAFNY New Handlebar Bike Mirror takes cycling safety to the next level! Made of an automotive-grade glass lens, it provides a 50 to 60 percent anti-glare function in bright environments. It also has a slight convex surface which allows for a better view of what’s behind you.

With its aluminum black ED black clamp, it fits 21 to 26mm outside diameter MTB and cruiser handlebars and is ideal for those who usually ride during the daytime.

Moreover, its shutter-proof function ensures that your eyes are always comfortable during your ride. Made of high impact durable nylon-plus fiber frame, blast resistant and eco-friendly, it passed EU REACH test & California Proposition 65 to ensure the safe use of the mirror.

  1. Where to mount: On the handlebar or below the handlebar.
  2. Compatibility: The diameter of the handlebar must be between 21mm to 26mm.
  3. Field of View: Elongated convex mirror shape with HD anti-glare blue glass lens for a large clear field of view, (with an extended mirror arm of up to 10" from installed point to end of mirror to prevent blockage from your body).
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees for any angle with a flexible rotation ball and 180-degree rotation to prevent unexpected crash/force from front or rear.
  5. Stability: Robust high-impact nylon frame ensure the mirror remains stable.
  6. Ease of Installation: Easy installation with just tightening of the Allen screw.

This mirror is designed to make sure you stay safe while enjoying your rides.

MAGICYCLE Bike Handlebar Rear View Mirror

MAGICYCLE Bike Handlebar Rear View Mirror

Handlebar Mounting

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This bike mirror has been designed with adjustable 360°rotation and HD glass to offer you a clear view and wider rear view. It's suitable for handlebar diameters from 22.2mm - 25mm, making it perfect for most mountain bikes, E-bikes, road bikes, and city bikes.

The bike mirrors for handlebars install near the end of the handlebar to give you an unobstructed view of what's behind you.

The HD glass bike mirrors offer you a crystal clear view and provide a wider rear-view line of sight so you can stay safe on the road while enjoying your favorite rides

Made from high-impact ABS materials and a high-hardness aluminum alloy base clamp, this bike mirror offers a sturdy construction that won't shake, crack or break - ideal for those long rides, even if your bike trips take you off the beaten path.

Installation is easy with appropriate screws and tools included in the package.

  1. Where to mount: On the handlebar.
  2. Compatibility: The diameter of the handlebar must be between 22mm to 25mm.
  3. Field of View: Elongated mirror shape with HD wide-angle glass lens with 34% more viewing compared to a traditional mirror.
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees for any angle.
  5. Stability: High-impact ABS material frame and sturdy hard aluminum alloy base clamp provide a stable view.
  6. Ease of Installation: Easy installation with screws and tools included.

Enjoy safer rides with an unobstructed back view of your route with the MAGICYCLE bike handlebar rearview mirror.

ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror

ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror

Handlebar End Mounting

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The ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror brings you the quality and performance of automotive-grade mirrors in a bike-friendly design. This mirror provides you with an all-around rear view without risking being blocked by your arms and shoulders.

With the two sizes of pole end plugs and adjustable universal ball design, it's compatible with almost all models of bicycles like mountain bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters. With a diameter between 0.59 - 0.79 inches, it fits most handlebars and is specially designed to stay firmly in place with anti-loose features that provide extra stability on the road.

The HD Auto-grade glass mirror ensures a high-definition view, and its slightly convex surface made by an embossing process allows for a wider field of vision that provides you with greater safety while you ride.

The HD auto-grade glass mirror is scratch-resistant, glare-free, splinter-free, and designed to provide you with a clear sight line.

Its nylon and fiber frames are extremely durable and robust, providing great stability on even the bumpiest roads. It is compatible with almost all types of bicycles.

This 11cm extended handle provides you with a wide view of the rear road, allowing you to observe the traffic situation more clearly and improve your safety while riding. Its 360-degree adjustable feature allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle to your liking for maximum visibility.

Installation and use are simple. The bar end bike mirror comes with the necessary Allen key, so you can install it yourself in no time.

  1. Where to mount: On the handlebar end.
  2. Compatibility: Fits handlebar end hole with a diameter of 0.59" - 0.65" (small size) and 0.65" - 0.79" (big size).
  3. Field of View: Elongated convex mirror shape with Clear Mirror Auto-grade glass lens up to 5.4" length-wise. The 11cm extended handle provides you with a wider view of the road behind you, improving your riding experience and safety.
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees for any angle and shockproof.
  5. Stability: High-impact ABS material frame and sturdy hard aluminum alloy base clamp provide a stable view.
  6. Ease of Installation: Easy installation with a hexagon wrench and 2 tail plugs of different sizes (included).

Try the ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bike Mirror today and enjoy greater riding safety and convenience everywhere!

Pro-Tip: This handlebar end design is especially suitable for you (or riders) who have a wide body frame and may obstruct the view behind if a mirror with traditional handlebar mounting is used.

ACCMOR Bike Helmet Mirror

ACCMOR Bike Helmet Mirror

Helmet Mounting

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This adjustable rear mirror is mounted on a riding helmet so that you can accurately and safely navigate while cycling. The mirror is made from durable ABS electroplating convex material, meaning it won't shatter easily. It can easily be adjusted via its 360° rotation feature to get the optimum viewing angle for maximum visibility.

It is both lightweight and durable so you have no risk of the mirror breaking or adding too much weight to your helmet

Installing the helmet mirror is easy too--simply tear down the white paper and stick it onto your helmet wherever you need it. Line up the mirror exactly as you want and secure the preferred adjustment so everything stays in place during your ride.

This one-size-fits-all helmet mirror is perfect for anyone looking to stay safe while biking!

  1. Where to mount: On riding helmet.
  2. Compatibility: Fits all bike helmets (with sufficient space to stick the velcro strap).
  3. Field of View: Elongated convex mirror shape with ABS electroplated lens with dimension 1.77" by 1.37". The shaft length is 8.46" and this allows the mirror to be positioned at a perfect distance in front of you.
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees for any angle.
  5. Stability: Lightweight construction with polymer provides strength and stability.
  6. Ease of Installation: The mirror attaches to the outside of the helmet. Remove the white paper and stick it on your helmet. Line the mirror up and adjust it to suit your view.

With this handy bike helmet mirror, your cycling experience will be even safer and more enjoyable!

ACCMOR Bike Eyeglass Mirror

ACCMOR Bike Eyeglass Mirror

Eyeglass Mounting

Check Price on Amazon

The ACCMOR Bike Eyeglass Mirror – is designed to give you the perfect view of everything over your shoulder while riding, the perfect way to be aware of your surroundings while riding without compromising your safety!

Featuring a fashionable design with an adjustable angle and quick installation and dismantling. Its unique design features three pivoting points and 360-degree rotation capabilities that provide total adjustability for both left- and right-side use.

This bike eyeglass mirror is lightweight at only 9g with a large lens that is also scratch-resistant. Easily adjust to any angle you need it to be for added safety and visibility, giving you an uninterrupted field of vision to help keep you safe on the road. Its short arm minimizes vibration for improved visibility.

The scratch-resistant HD lens won’t easily crack or become scratched and it will stand up to wear and tear for years. It is made of durable materials, including ABS electroplating flat mirror and aluminum rod, making it strong enough to handle daily use.

Installation is easy. Just clip the rear mirror onto your glasses and you are good to go.

  1. Where to mount: On eyeglasses/sunglasses.
  2. Compatibility: Fits all conventional eyeglasses/sunglasses.
  3. Field of View: Elongated flat mirror shape with ABS electroplated lens with dimensions 1.1" by 2.3. The shaft length is 6.7" and this allows the mirror to be positioned at a perfect distance in front of you.
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees for any angle with 3 pivot points for adjustability.
  5. Stability: Lightweight construction with aluminum alloy rod reduces vibration. Physical dimensions are 17cm x 6cm x 3cm.
  6. Ease of Installation: Using the plastic-covered buckle, fix it on the glasses frame. Adjust the mirror for the best view. Can be adjusted for both right or left-hand use.

This product is ideal if you are looking for an easy solution to your rear-view mirror needs without compromising comfort or safety.

FEISIKE Bicycle Handlebar Rear View Camera

FEISIKE Bicycle Handlebar Rear View Camera

Handlebar Mounting for Screen & Bike Pole Mounting for Camera

Check Price on Amazon

Stay safe on your bike rides with the FEISIKE Bicycle Handlebar Rear View Camera. This camera is designed to give you a wide view of what’s happening behind you, with an impressive field of vision of 145 degrees paired with a 4.3" screen showing scenes in their actual distance with no distortion.

You can keep an eye on the road from a distance and make sure no unexpected vehicles or bikes will surprise you.

This camera is compatible with most bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, electric vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycle trailers. You can adjust the camera and monitor angles 360° for optimal viewing angles no matter what your riding style may be. Even for mountain biking, the image remains stable and clear (not just for flat surface).

The built-in 6000 MAH battery offers up to 5-6 hours of use so you can have peace of mind during longer rides. For nighttime riding, you can turn on the infrared function which will provide visibility even in complete darkness.

The adjustable bracket fits any handlebar between 20 and 30 mm in diameter while the 78 inches of cable ensure this camera fits on almost any bike.

installation is easy thanks to the adjustable mount that requires no tools whatsoever. Once secured, the shockproof support means its display will remain stable and show your surroundings, even on uneven roads.

  1. Where to mount: The camera is mounted on a bicycle pole with the screen mounted on the handlebar.
  2. Compatibility: Fits handlebar with a diameter of 20 - 30mm for the screen and pole diameter of 21 - 26mm for the rear camera.
  3. Field of View: The camera has a 145-degree wide angle and can be adjusted to any direction to better observe traffic behind. The image is displayed on a 4.3" HD color display. Night vision with the infrared function.
  4. Adjustability: 360 degrees adjustable rotation for the camera.
  5. Stability: The installation support is shockproof to keep the screen stable, with the camera securely mounted, with no vibration.
  6. Ease of Installation: Tool-free installation with 78 inches of cable between camera and screen.
  7. Others: Battery life of 5-6 hours with USB charging.

This handlebar rear view camera allows for improved performance without sacrificing safety while riding outdoors.

Wrap-Up : Best Bicycle Mirror

In summary, all cyclists must have visibility when they are on the road to avoid unpleasant and dangerous encounters. With a bike mirror, this vision is extended even further than just looking back over your shoulder; allowing you to take in greater swaths of your environment as you ride.

We hope our top 6 picks can provide a useful insight into which of these invaluable resources best suits your needs. Whether it's a handlebar, helmet, or eyewear style of bike mirror; it’s essential that we stay aligned with safety for all riders by helping one another feel their most confident as they traverse any terrain ahead.

If you found yourself feeling inspired after reading this article, make sure to click on that green button to check the price of the best bicycle mirror so you can enjoy a safer ride in the vast open land.

Click here to go back to our six best bike mirrors. We are sure you will find one that matches all of your criteria. Go ahead and pick one out today! Tap on that green button to check the price of the best bicycle mirror.

Protip: I have observed numerous cyclists utilizing their mobile phones mounted on the handlebars, with their cameras enabled to monitor the traffic behind them

Happy cycling and enjoy the open sky and space out there!

Just my suggestion ....

If you are still thinking about which one is the best for you among the six bike mirrors, I would like to share the one I like most. The ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror is my preferred choice. it is sturdy and it is extended out and provides a clear view of the scene behind me, compared to handlebar mirrors.

Disclaimer: I have a wide body and the traditional handlebar mounting mirror view tends to be obstructed by my body and shoulder. The helmet & glasses mounting types are not my personal preferences as I tend to stop and dismount often to admire the scenery on my ride. The bar-end bike mirror suits me just perfectly.

Just click on the green button below to check the prices on Amazon.

ARKHAM Handlebar Bar End Bicycle Mirror

Handlebar End Mounting

Check Price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Mirror

What side should a bicycle mirror be?

The Left side!

Most cyclists put a mirror on the left side of the handlebars (or right if in a left-hand drive country). Some put two mirrors so they can see more. This helps reduce blind spots to a minimum.

Are bike mirrors useful?

A mirror can help you stay safe when you are riding your bike. You just need to look in the mirror to make sure no cars are coming. It will help you to prevent veering off your line when you turn your head to see behind.

The road bike mirror is a cheap way to keep out of danger.

Which mirror is preferred to see the rear view on a bicycle?

Convex mirrors are preferred!

They help you see far away things, giving you an erect image with a wider field of view. This means that you can see more with them than with regular mirrors.

Is a bike or helmet mirror better?

The bike handlebar mirror offers a clear view without obstructing your line of sight and it is positioned in a natural position. Where else helmet mirrors are mounted on the helmet and can be confusing when you move your head too often and also when viewing traffic from the side.

This can be a plus point as you have the option of moving your head to see different angles/scenes behind.

The bike helmet mirrors tend to have a smaller field of view, but it is generally more stable and subject to less vibration.

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